Below you will find the presentations of the conference. You can click on the links to download them.




Kemiripan Ciri-ciri Sintaksis Subkelompok Ambon-Timor dan Timor-Alor pada Bahasa-bahasa di Flores dan Timor sebagai Anggota Kelompok Bahasa Nusantara Timur di NTT - Inyo Fernandez, UGM


Telling stories in eastern Indonesia and Timor-Leste: patterns of narrative discourse in ustronesian languages -Charles Grimes, Unit Bahasa dan Budaya, ANU, SIL


Reconstructing Linguistic and Social Histories of the Lamaholot Region - Hanna Fricke & Marian Klamer, Leiden University


Internal divisions of Alorese (Bahasa Alor) in East Indonesia - Yunus Sulistyono, Leiden University


What is spoken in Atadei (South Lembata): A language, a dialect, or a dialect cluster? - Daniel Krauße, University of Newcastle


Identifying a person’s origin through their pronunciation of Tetun Dili: Who can do it - Norberto Gonçalves & Dulce Marques, Dili Institute of Technology


Relative clauses in Tetun Dili: Contact-induced new uses for old - Catharina Williams-Van Klinken & Olinda Lucas, Dili Institute of Technology


Verbless give-constructions in Kalamang - Eline Visser, Lund University


Slang in Tetun Dili: “None of my business” - Justino Da Silva & Cesaltina Martins Tilman, Dili Institute of Technology


Postposition or verbs? A grammaticalization account of “positional verbs” in Fataluku - Tyler Heston, Payap University


Singular and plural possessions in Ro'is Amarasi - Owen Edwards, Leiden University


Amfo'an consonant insertion: Diachronic origins - Kirsten Culhane, ANU


The poetics and performance of Uab Meto verbal art - Barbara Dix Grimes, SIL, Unit Bahasa dan Budaya


Aspek Imperfektif Dalam Bahasa Tetun Dili - Abreu Ximenes, Dili Institute of Technology


“Does he has sharp eyes or sharp lungs?“ Expressions of emotion and character in Makasae - Francisca Cecilia X. dos Santos, Dili Institute of Technology